Working time in 2024

Working time in 2024
Marek Cieślak

Marek Cieślak

CEO CGO Finance

In 2024, the number of working hours will count 2008, which gives 251 working days. The number of non-working days is 13. When are the public holidays that reduce working time in 2024? What are the standards for working time and its overall dimension? The answers are presented below.

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Working time in 2024 – norms and overall assumptions

According to the Labor Code regulations, the working time cannot exceed 8 hours per day. It also cannot exceed an average of 40 hours in a five-day workweek. This refers to an average settlement period not exceeding 4 months. Based on this, the number of hours to be worked by an employee is determined.

To calculate an employee’s working time, you must:

  1. multiply 40 hours by the number of weeks in the settlement period, and then
  2. add to the obtained number of hours the product of 8 hours and the number of days remaining until the end of the settlement period, falling from Monday to Friday.

Each holiday occurring during the settlement period and falling on a day other than Sunday reduces the working time by 8 hours.

Working time in 2024 in detail

Below we present a summary of working time in 2024. The table includes the number of working hours, working days, and days off. They correspond to a one-month settlement period. They are divided into specific months.

Month working hours working days days off
In total2008251115
Working time in 2024

As shown in the above table, the total number of working hours in 2024 will be 2008 hours.

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Working time in 2024 for part-time employees

For part-time employees, the dimension of working time is reduced proportionally to the number of hours on full-time employment.

For example, if the working time in a given month is 160 hours:

  • For an employee employed on 1/2 of the full-time equivalent, the working time will be 80 hours.
  • For an employee employed on 3/4 of the full-time equivalent, the working time will be 120 hours. 

Holidays reducing working time in 2024

Below we present a list of statutory holidays reducing working time in 2024.

Holidays in 2024
1 JanuaryMonday  New Year’s Day
6 JanuarySaturdayEpiphany
31 MarchSundayEaster Sunday
1 AprilMondayEaster Monday
1 MayWednesdayLabor Day
3 MayFridayConstitution Day

19 MaySundayPentecost
30 MayThursdayCorpus Christi
15 AugustThursdayAssumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
1 NovemberFridayAll Saints’ Day
11 NovemberMondayIndependence Day
25 DecemberWednesdayChristmas Day
26 DecemberThursdaySecond Day of Christmas
Holidays in 2024


In 2024, the number of working hours will be 2008, the number of working days – 251, and the number of days off – 115. The dimension of working hours in specific months of 2024 will range from 152 in November to 184 in July and October.

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