Accounting services in Poland

Accounting services in Poland
Marek Cieślak

Marek Cieślak

CEO CGO Finance

We provide comprehensive services of accounting in Poland which enable our clients to fully focus on the development of their companies. Thanks to the knowledge, experience and involvement of our specialists we are able to cooperate with both small and large enterprises.

For many years we have been providing outsourcing services of accounting in Poland for small and medium-sized enterprises and international corporations.

We provide comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services in Poland required under the applicable law, tax law and in accordance with domestic and international standards. In everyday work, we use the latest software adapted to current regulations.

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Accounting in Poland - financial records
Full accounting support in Poland

Scope of our accounting services in Poland

Our offer for accounting in Poland consists of:

  • bookkeeping services for limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, limited partnerships, representative offices, funds and associations as well as other companies subject to Polish regulations;
  • helping with procedures connected to closing the fiscal year;
  • preparing financial statements in accordance with IFRS foundation, US GAAP or the client’s internal reporting standards;
  • providing accounting services for customers who keep the revenue and expense ledger, including tax services;
Accounting in Poland - balances and statistics
Accounting services are also about statistics and graphs

In terms of tax obligations of Polish entities the service of accounting in Poland at CGO Finance includes:

  • keeping registers of VAT sales and purchases in the form of SAF-T file;
  • supporting and assisting in the process of VAT registration before tax office;
  • preparing monthly settlements and tax returns (CIT, VAT, PIT);(CIT, VAT, PIT),
  • keeping VAT registers of foreign companies registered in Poland;
  • Preparing and implementing the entity’s accounting policies, including a corporate chart of accounts;
  • Preparing VAT statements and keeping VAT purchase and sales registers in accordance with the Goods and Services Tax Act;
Accounting in Poland - recording transactions
Outsourcing accounting in Poland

Accounting in Poland includes also formalities such as:

  • Keeping records of fixed assets, equipment and intangible assets, as well as preparing the depreciation plan;
  • drafting annual financial statements, calculating income tax advances in accordance with the tax regulations;
  • preparing annual and interim financial statements as well as consolidated financial statements on the basis of financial data provided by the client according to established standards and cooperating with a chartered accountant auditing the client’s books. Companies subject to audit must also prepare a statement of cash flows and a statement of changes in equity. ;
  • reporting to statistical offices, the National Bank of Poland (NBP) and other financial authorities.
Accounting in Poland - man with calculator
Tax calculations are an essential part of accounting in Poland

Currency Requirements

The official currency of Poland is the Polish zloty (PLN). There are no currency restrictions impacting trade in goods, making it relatively easy for businesses to conduct transactions with international partners. When it comes to payment methods, using an ATM or a prepaid card is recommended, although credit cards are also widely accepted.

As a result, businesses operating in Poland must ensure that their ledgers and accounting records are kept in Polish zloty, in compliance with the country’s currency requirements.

Accounting services in Poland - invoice
As a part of our accounting services in Poland we offer assistance in issuing invoices

How can we help you with accounting in Poland?

Our team of certified accountants provide tax settlements and financial statements to entrepreneurs with various business profiles and our services are adjusted individually to the needs of even the most demanding customers. We provide comprehensive accounting in Poland that enables you to fully focus on the development of your company.

Thanks to the knowledge, experience and involvement of our specialists we are able to cooperate with both small and large enterprises. We constantly broaden our knowledge to – apart from standard services – also implement nonobvious and novel solutions that aim at improving the financial conditions of our customers. CGO Finance – your accountant in Poland.

Accounting services in Poland – FAQs

What types of accounting services in Poland are available for businesses?

Businesses can access a comprehensive range of accounting services in Poland, including financial accounting, tax accounting, bookkeeping services, and specialized accounting for complex financial structures.

How can outsourcing accounting in Poland benefit my company?

Outsourcing accounting in Poland can significantly reduce your operational costs, provide access to expert accounting services, and ensure compliance with Polish accounting standards and regulations.

Are there financial accounting services in Poland tailored for foreign companies?

Yes, many accounting firms in Poland offer financial accounting services specifically designed to meet the needs of foreign companies operating within the Polish market, including compliance with local and international accounting standards.

Can I find an accounting company in Poland that offers full accounting services?

Absolutely, there are numerous accounting companies in Poland that provide full accounting services, covering all aspects of financial management, from bookkeeping to tax filing and financial reporting.

What are the benefits of using an accounting office in Poland for tax accounting?

Utilizing an accounting office in Poland for tax accounting ensures that your financial operations are in line with Polish tax laws, helps minimize tax liabilities through strategic planning, and avoids penalties for non-compliance.

Is financial outsourcing in Poland a good strategy for small businesses?

Financial outsourcing in Poland is an excellent strategy for small businesses, offering cost-effective access to high-quality accounting services without the need for in-house accounting staff.

What should I look for when choosing an accounting firm in Poland?

When selecting an accounting firm in Poland, look for experience with businesses similar to yours, a range of services that meets your needs, expertise in Polish accounting standards, and positive client testimonials.

How does the Polish Accounting Act affect businesses?

The Polish Accounting Act sets out the legal framework for accounting practices in Poland, mandating how financial records are kept, reported, and audited. Compliance with this act is crucial for all businesses operating in Poland.

Can accounting services in Poland assist with financial planning and analysis?

Yes, many accounting services in Poland extend beyond traditional bookkeeping to include financial planning and analysis, helping businesses to optimize their financial strategies and improve profitability.

What are the key differences between bookkeeping services in Warsaw and other regions in Poland?

While bookkeeping services across Poland adhere to the same national standards, firms in Warsaw may offer additional expertise in serving international clients and dealing with complex financial scenarios due to the city’s status as a business hub.

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