Tax consulting and tax advisory in Poland

Frequent changes in tax law, the increasing amount of responsibilities or unintelligible and complex regulations resulting from the ‘Polish Deal’ could have made entrepreneurs aware that they are no longer able to deal with the taxes of their companies on their own. Their situation is even more difficult due to the fact that in the Polish tax law system there is a number of public levies. Obviously, failing to pay any of them in the specified time period may constitute an expensive mistake for an entrepreneur. In CGO Finance we pay special attention to these aspects while specializing in both regular and ongoing tax advisory in Poland as an addition to our payroll and accounting services.

As a part of our tax consulting in Poland we offer:

  • professional help and support for entrepreneurs on every stage of their business,
  • support regarding the adjustment of business activity to the requirements of the new ‘Polish Deal’,
  • verification of the compliance of business activities and documents with current tax regulations,
  • contact and cooperation with authorities on behalf of our clients during tax audits.

Tax advisory in Poland – full support

We solve various tax problems and clarify doubts for our customers. We analyze changes and amendments to Polish and international tax law in order to find the most favourable solutions that will enable profit optimization. While undertaking any actions, we focus on the interests of our customers first. We provide advice in the field of tax law. If necessary, we explain everything in plain and understandable language – so as to provide our customers with reliable information, essential to making appropriate and conscious decisions. We appreciate every entrepreneur who contacts us and we treat everyone with respect.

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