Operational and financial controlling in Poland

Operational and financial controlling in Poland

To maintain a well-established position in the market, contemporary entrepreneurs need not only to follow current trends but also to strive systematically to increase the effectiveness and competitiveness of their companies. Operational and financial controlling in Poland is a tool used to achieve this effect. 

It is based on periodic and comprehensive analysis of the financial results of the enterprise. 
Due to financial controlling in Poland, we are, in the first place, able to analyze and consider the effectiveness of the undertaken actions focused on achieving specific economic objectives and, secondly, we are able to plan efficient and reasonable use of the owned resources for achieving desired outcomes in the future.

As part of operational and financial controlling in Poland, we provide:

Management reporting

Which includes a solid and profound analysis of the company’s activity, offers the opportunity to identify the key processes for the development of the enterprise. As part of the controlling operations, we specify an indicator upon which the periodic controlling reports will be prepared. Such information provides entrepreneurs with the possibility to make conscious decisions regarding further development of the company while taking into account its strategic, tactical, operational, planning and controlling character.

Consolidation accounting in Poland

Plays a key role in the case of a group of companies (holding companies), parent companies and subsidiary companies. Consolidation leads to presenting subsidiary companies in a financial statement as combined into one parent company. As a result, the management is able to obtain a complete picture of the financial results of the group of companies.

Financial controlling in Poland

Financial controlling – when conducted in an appropriate way– offers the entrepreneurs more possibilities for cost optimization, which results from their knowledge and awareness of the company’s finances. Moreover, it influences a sense of security and, above all, guarantees better control as well as improvement of the financial liquidity of the company. It also facilitates making decisions regarding employment, investments and company’s development.

CGO Finance actively supports customers in choosing profitable funding sources and cares about the security of their investments, while providing financial controlling services. In our work, we combine our tax expertise with an in-depth knowledge of accounting principles.

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